Memorial Pages for Kent C. Hoffman and Charles H. Hoffman
A Family Tradition of Science

Kent C. Hoffman

1948 January 1 to 2020 May 26

Image of Kent C. Hoffman

A scientist with eight patents, Kent C. Hoffman (son of Charles H. Hoffman) also developed a radio-science educational program for young people at a Summer camp near White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

Memorial Page for Kent C. Hoffman

Charles H. Hoffman

1918 November 26 to 2019 March 7

Image of Charles H. Hoffman

A noted Baltimore CPA, Charles H. Hoffman (father of Kent C. Hoffman) was a Founding Trustee of the Maryland Science Center, located in Baltimore's Downtown Inner Harbor.

Memorial Page for Charles H. Hoffman

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Memorial Pages for Kent C. Hoffman and Charles H. Hoffman
A Family Tradition of Science

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