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Dr. John A. Brashear

and the Brashear 11-Inch Refractor

An Internet home page to honor Pittsburgh's greatest amateur astronomer

and world-renowned optical craftsman; brought to you by

the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh!

The Brashear 11-Inch Refractor housed in Wagman Observatory is the only telescope built by John A. Brashear to be named solely for John A. Brashear!


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For more information on John A. Brashear and the Brashear 11-Inch Refractor, built by Brashear in 1908 for his friend, Andrew Carnegie, visit Wagman Winterfest!

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"How nice it would be if there were a telescope or a place where the layman, boy or girl, could have a chance to look at the stars . . . " -- John A. Brashear.

Nicholas E. Wagman Observatory

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Don't forget -- Brashear's birthday is Nov. 24 (born in 1840)!

Happy Birthday Uncle John!!

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