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John A. Brashear
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John A Brashear (1840 - 1920)

John A. Brashear Biography

John A. Brashear Photograph Album

Portrait of John A. Brashear
Painted by A. R. Benziger
Presented to The Brashear Association by Charles M. Schwab in 1939

"Uncle John" Brashear on the South Side:

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John Brashear Standing Outside his South Side Workshop

Brashear Memorial Museum,
Adjacent to The Brashear Association, on Pittsburgh's South Side

Allegheny Observatory -

New 1912 Allegheny Observatory Building

Allegheny Observatory (building constructed 1900 to 1912)

Walsh, Glenn A. "Centennial: New Allegheny Observatory Dedication ." Blog Posting.
SpaceWatchtower 2012 Aug. 28.
Both Henry Clay Frick and Andrew Carnegie made large contributions toward the construction of the new Allegheny Observatory.
Also, John Brashear accompanied Andrew Carnegie to the dedication of the Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall,
in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, on 1902 April 22.

30-inch Thaw Memorial Refractor Telescope
Manufactured by Brashear's company.
Fifth largest refractor in world(third largest photographic refractor).
The original Brashear objective lens was replaced in 1989; it is now on display in building lobby.

"Carnegie" steel beams donated for construction of Allegheny Observatory

Miniature replica of the original Allegheny Observatory(1860 building), located on Old Observatory Hill in Allegheny City, Pa.(which later adjoined the campus of the Western University of Pennsylvania, prior to the Univeristy's planned move to the Oakland section of Pittsburgh) where John Brashear was Acting Director for two years(1898 - 1900), is now on the platform of the popular Miniature Railroad and Village exhibit at The Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh.

11-inch Brashear Refractor Telescope
Produced for the Carnegie Technical Schools in 1908(now Carnegie-Mellon University)
Now used for free public star parties at the Nicholas E. Wagman Observatory

4-inch Brashear Refractor Telescope
Donated to The Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular Science, in Pittsburgh,
by Mr. J.K. Foster on October 16, 1972; it was the 37th telescope produced by the John Brashear Company, circa 1900.
Now displayed at The Henry Buhl Jr., Planetarium and Observatory of The Carnegie Science Center

John A. Brashear Biography:
The Story of John Alfred Brashear
The Man Who Loved the Stars

Published by The Brashear Association, Inc.

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SPECIAL NOTE Regarding The Brashear Association booklet, The Story of John Alfred Brashear, The Man Who Loved the Stars
(Glenn A. Walsh: Friday, 2020 April 10)

This booklet was first published by The Brashear Association, to provide biographical and historical information about John A. Brashear, in February of 1977. During the 1980s and early 1990s, this booklet was distributed to the general public, free-of-charge, during public observing sessions of the Buhl Planetarium's Astronomical Observatory. At some point, the Buhl Planetarium Observatory started running-low of copies of the booklet. When requesting additional copies of the booklet from The Brashear Association, the author (Buhl Planetarium Astronomical Observatory Coordinator Glenn A. Walsh) learned that The Brashear Association had no more copies to distribute.

Well, one of the very regular and reliable volunteers during the weekly, Friday evening, public observing session of the Buhl Planetarium Observatory was Joan Corman, who worked at the U.S. Steel Service Center on Pittsburgh's South Side, only a few blocks from The Brashear Association. When she learned that this John Brashear biography booklet was no longer available, she mentioned it too her boss at U.S. Steel.

At his request, Mrs. Corman gave her boss a copy of the John Brashear biography booklet. He sent the booklet to the U.S. Steel Print Shop and had the Print Shop print 10,000 new copies of the booklet. He, then, sent the 10,000 copies of the booklet over to The Brashear Association as a donation.

Needless to say, this donation came as a big surprise to The Brashear Association. However, the author later learned that it had not been a very welcome surprise, at least to the Executive Director of The Brashear Association. A friend of the author, Chuck Rompala (who, at that time, worked at The Brashear Association), told the author that The Brashear Association Executive Director had actually been upset with the surprise donation from U.S. Steel. That is not the type of donation that this Executive Director had wished for. With all of the financial problems that all small non-profit organizations have (particularly social service organizations such as The Brashear Association), if U.S. Steel was going to give The Brashear Association a donation, this Executive Director felt that there were other areas where a donation would have better helped The Brashear Association.

So, this is one reason that the author chose to create an Internet Web-Site regarding the life of John Brashear, which was created on 1999 June 26. Since financial concerns may preclude the printing of additional copies of this John Brashear biography, once the 10,000 copies are depleted, the author decided to use the new Internet technology to ensure that this biography would not disappear into oblivion, and it would always be available to the general public.

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