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2017 December 29

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     KQV Newsradio is committed to serving its audience with factual, timely news and information.


     One of the things that makes KQV Newsradio so unique, is the interaction with its listeners.  From providing story suggestions, and news tips to programming critiques, our audience plays a major role in what is heard.  We encourage you to "Talk" to your news station!


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Please Note:  All visitors are required to check in at the security desk of Centre City Tower.  Photo identification must be presented if requested.

KQV Editorial


Remembering Robert W. Dickey

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Remembering KQV President and General Manager Robert W. Dickey, who passed away Christmas Eve at the age of 84, anchor PJ Maloney has produced a retrospective of a man who dedicated his professional life to radio. It include tributes from broadcasters, staff, friends and public officials... people who have known and worked with Bob Dickey in his 60+ years in broadcasting.

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